About me

Host Dave Procida explores what he describes as “Life Issues” through the Dave Show podcast. These are the topics that reflect real-life stories of people, including him, who have navigated through politics, religion, racism, a women’s right to choose, gun control, poverty, along with “fun stuff” like sports, other hobbies, and much more.

This is very different from his successful “Commercial Construction, Elevate the Industry” podcast, now in its fourth season. There, Dave discusses the details of the commercial construction business and offers the “self-help” side of things.

In his words, “CCETI serves a real purpose” and Dave plans to do more for that loyal and growing audience. To be relevant to all listeners, regardless of background and occupation, Dave will expand the content through The Dave Show to include things that are sometimes uncomfortable to talk about. Topics we often whisper to those we really trust, sometimes only with those that agree with us.

Dave has his own opinions, but this podcast will engage with others and expose their real beliefs. This can be difficult but it’s necessary and The Dave Show gives him the platform to do so.

Dave started his career as a Health and Physical Education teacher and basketball coach which he loved. Circumstances got in the way and lead him into commercial construction which covered the last 4 decades. His resume includes starting, developing, and selling businesses, which he now does as a consultant. He has worked in national business development for major public and private companies, always learning, always building, and constantly growing.

He has been active in the soccer community, coaching all his children and being named Maryland Youth Coach of the Year in 2003. He also coached his son’s soccer team to a Maryland State Cup Championship. During that time, he was the President of the Soccer Association of Columbia/Howard County and was the catalyst behind the soccer complex built at Covenant Park in Howard County, Maryland. He coached the girls’ varsity soccer team twice at Wilde Lake High School, totaling 9 years. The second time was as an assistant to his daughter which he describes as “indescribable”. Both coaching stints culminated in a state final game but what he remembers the most are the players; all so different and all so very special.

Dave has been active in sports since he was a young boy in New Jersey, much of which he credits his siblings. He ran on a high school state champion cross country team, ran track, played on the golf team, and was named to the All-South Jersey basketball team. He went on to play basketball at Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) and still holds the single-season assist record. “It was at first very humbling, but ended as a life-changing adventure”, said Dave. He took up skiing and in two years, skied off a helicopter in British Columbia. He became a tournament racquetball player, ran 7 marathons, then onto golf, tennis, mountain biking, and now pickleball. To say he’s a “Jock” would be an understatement.

In each case, whether it be life or sports, he had to start at the bottom, learn the craft and become proficient at whatever he did. Every endeavor had one thing in common, a steep learning curve. You might say he’s addicted to it.

The Dave Show will give him the platform to explore family life, sports, and anything and everything – unfiltered……the “fun stuff” too.

“I’ll give you a hint,” says Dave. “In the first few episodes, you will meet a former Baptist pastor who discusses Heaven, Hell, and much more, an Afghan refugee who made it out of Afghanistan on one of the last flights during the “mass exit” last summer, an expert on poverty who started a nonprofit helping match inner city youth with jobs, a restaurant manager dealing with building back the patrons post COVID-19, and a nationally recognized soccer coach. How’s that for a diverse roster?”

Dave and Robin, his wife of over 38 years have four adult children and two grandchildren and are proud to have grown with them. “I never was and never will be a workaholic,” says Dave. “Balancing family, work, and play is critically important. At the end of the day, nothing matters or is more powerful than a strong wife and a close family”, Dave asserts. “The rest is cool but without the family, it wouldn’t happen, nor would it matter.”

So, follow the Dave Show, listen in to learn more about him, and meet some great people with fascinating stories.